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Meeting on Atomic Energy

Meetings on Atomic Energy is an edited worldwide listing of current and planned conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions and training courses related to nuclear energy and its peaceful uses.


This on-line edition is updated regularly and features the most current information available to the IAEA.


Use the search functions given on the IAEA website to find information about meeting and training courses.


To read further about topic click on the read more link below.




Market Research Library Search

This valuable resource includes information on available worldwide business opportunities for US vendors. This database includes nuclear energy as well as non-nuclear energy related business opportunities all over the world.


Suppliers to the nuclear industry, may search this database by choosing "Energy...." related market in the "industry" field. The selection may be further narrowed down by choosing the "nuclear" sector in the "keyword" field. These reports are prepared by the US Department of Commerce executives posted in different countries of the world for the benefit of the US vendors.


The presented articles in this database include market background, available opportunities, as well as the contact information in the host country for further details.


The Library may be accessed by clicking on the, "Read more" link given below.



Informations on French Nuclear Industry

This resource includes a database as well as information on the following four topics. Each of the four topics may be accessed by clicking the links given below.

1. Nuclear fuel cycle the presentation

2. List of Nuclear Plants in France

3. Important Details of Nuclear Power Plants in France

4. Index of organizations

The database is an excellent resource for searching major suppliers of nuclear power industry in France and also accessing an "Overview Document" describing each organization's capabilities.

The database may be accessed by providing the name of the organization in the, "Company Profile" field. Different nuclear industry services/products may be selected in the "Index of company activities" field to search for organizations supplying a specific product or service along with their "Overview Document" describing their capabilities.


The database may be accessed by clicking on the, "Read more" link given below.