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Handbook of Health Physics and Radiological Health

The third edition of the Handbook of Health Physics and Radiological Health, by Bernard Shleien, Brian Birky, and Lester A. Slaback, Jr. is now available. This completely updated, one-stop resource for all information pertaining to health physics data is a required reference for health physics and radiation protection professionals.


Incorporating approximately 30% new material, the third edition has been reviewed and revised to include the most current information available.


Shelly Leahy,
Williams & Wilkins;
(410) 528-4344,
(410) 528-4312,

101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems

Professional Publications, Inc.'s 101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems by J.A. Camara, P.E. offers examinees the opportunity to practice solving the types of questions found on the professional engineer (PE) exam.


The information found in the book—equations, diagrams, recommended references—makes it a practical reference for participants in the nuclear engineering field.


Contact: Cathy Bayer,
Professional Publications, Inc.; 1250 Fifth Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002;
(800) 426-1178 Ext. 32,

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

Prentice Hall has published Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, 3rd Edition. This book includes discussions of new reactor types including the AP600, ABWR and SBWR as well as an extensive section on non-U.S. design reactors. It also contains basic nuclear theory chapters with additional discussions on binding energy, semi-empirical mass formula and elementary quantum mechanics.


The text outlines the changes in reactor theory with solutions to the diffusion equation.


Other features include a chapter on radiation effects with the latest standards and various sections addressing the Chernobyl accident and the use of computer codes in safety analysis



Nukenomics, by Ian Jackson. The restructuring of Britain's nuclear industry, and the resulting implications for the private sector, are explained in Nukenomics – The commercialisation of Britain's nuclear industry, was published on April 25, 2008.


This Nuclear Engineering International special publication describes the major trends and market forces that are actively shaping the future development of the nuclear industry today, by explaining not just what things are happening but, more fundamentally, why.


ISBN: 978190377559.

Price: £20.00.


44 20 8269 7773,

Nuclear Power in Canada and Beyond

Nuclear Power in Canada and Beyond, by Roger G. Steed. This book, published on May 11, 2007, describes nuclear power stations, how they work, and why they're safe. It has 183 drawings and photographs. It also describes significant reactor accidents.



Price: $40.00, 409 pages.


Contact: Roger G. Steed,
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