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  • Documents to list your organization's products and services in the November-December 2017, Directory - 2018 issue are now now available .
  • November-December 2016, Directory - 2017 issue (digital version).

To list your company in the online Directory, please select the "New Listing Organization" link below.

Nuclear Plant Journal, working with several customers and suppliers worldwide for 35 years, has compiled suppliers' information, including products, services, and contact information.
There are several ways to view this information. For the online Directory, please select "Browse by Product" to browse a specific product or service from the list given below to see the complete contact information of the organizations who supply the selected product or service.
Please select "Browse by Company" to browse an alphabetical listing for a specific company and its' respective products or services and contact information.
To search for a specific product, service or organization, please select "Existing Listing Organization" below and then enter the appropriate search term. Organizations already listed on the website may also change their listings and contact details from the "Existing Listing Organization" link.

Directory Types

Shown below are various means of accessing Nuclear Plant Journal's online Directory.  You may also download the complete November-December 2016 printed version of the Product & Service Directory-2017 in PDF format, via the link above.

Online Directory