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September 10, 2013

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Fukushima Update:
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Latest News
  Defueling completed at Sizewell A
  Final solution for historic used fuel
  Nuclear Energy Sets Forth in Ghana
  Canadian, Korean organizations agree to cooperate
  Foundation in place for Iter Tokamak
  UK regulators clear ABWR for next step
  Video: India's Modi Eyes Breakthrough Nuclear Pact On Japan Trip
  NRC approves final rule on used fuel storage
  Ukrainian used fuel store under construction
  Coffee in the Morning, Biogas in the Evening
  Cooperation deal to develop advanced reactor
  Video: drill a
  Westinghouse Engineer Dedicated to Nuclear Safety Culture
  In California, Earthquake Damages Wineries but not Nuclear Plant
  Polish public supports nuclear plan
  China Three Gorges to invest in nuclear
  Uprates approved for Peach Bottom reactors
  Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz in Idaho
  Video: Report: Iran Opens Uranium-conversion Plant
  Electrabel reschedules Tihange 1 outage
  Final voyage for Atlantic Osprey
  Grid connection for first Fuqing unit
  Low-carbon displaces coal in Poland's plan
  Small Nuclear Reactors? Why Not Mini?
  Reactor internals installed at Sanmen AP1000
  Damaged Paks fuel sent to Russia
  Tianwan 3 vessel passes pressure tests
  In a Puff of Solar Smoke
  Helium fan produced for Chinese HTR-PM
  Impact of Mount Polley breach
  What the Energiewende is Costing Germany
  Shootaring Canyon mill sold
  IAEA praises Jordanian progress
  Foundation for Chernobyl cover
  New to the Nuclear Industry, Advocating for the Future
  Video: Delays For SC Nuclear Plant Pressure Industry
  Park proposes Northeast Asian nuclear safety group
  Canada and Kazakhstan prospects
  'Significant damage' to Doel 4 turbine
  Rock group sees fast reactor
  Nuclear Technology’s Trail Out of the Valley of Death
  Fictional Dystopia and Nuclear Optimism
  Additional measures for Fukushima water management
  Lightbridge to support Vietnam regulator
  SCE&G forced to revise Summer schedule
  System tests under way at Watts Bar 2
  Russian regulator to supervise new NIIAR facility
  UK regulator backs EDF Energy on reactor checks
  Romania plans Cernavoda JV
  Safety review sought for Shika 2
  Video: OCC looking for students interested in nuclear tech program
  Heysham 1 nuclear power station boiler findings
  Why Nuclear Design is the Most Rewarding Career I’ve Had
  Video: Cooling Towers for Diablo Canyon Studied
  U.S. Nuclear Technology Exports and Africa
  The Nuclear Vision Takes the Prize
  In a Pit in Nuclear-Free Vermont
  Energiewende Damages German Industry
  Transatomic Snags $2 Million Investment from FF Science for New Reactor Design
  Why Becoming An Operations Shift Foreman Was Tough…But Worth It
  IHS Explores Energy Diversity
  Video: Bulgaria Signs Nuclear Deal With Westinghouse
  On Nuclear Power Plants and Water Use
  Why U.S. Needs Nuclear As Part of "All of the Above" Energy Strategy
  Video: Paris ballet stars give master class to Fukushima students
  Reauthorizing Ex-Im Bank is Vitally Important to Small Business
  Global Energy Infrastructure: Teaching Students the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  Nuclear's Contribution to a Positive Future
  Why Closing Indian Point In Summer is Like Shutting Down Mariano Rivera
  Video: Atomic Days kicks off in Arco
  Video: Kewaunee Nuclear Plant 6pm
  Video: Russia's Rosatom To Tender For Argentine Nuclear Power Plants
  Video: Watts Bar Update
  Video: Contaminated water at Fukushima plant to be frozen
  Video: Kerry, Ministers To Join Iran Nuclear Talks In Vienna: Official
  Video: Radiation leak leads to layoffs at Los Alamos
  Video: Nuke leak probe focuses on Los Alamos National Lab
  Video: Problems at Palisades
  Video: Iran Expects Deal Soon On Russia Building New Nuclear Reactors
  Video: General Electric Details New Alstom Offer
  Video: French Nuclear More Costly Than Renewables By 2020
  Video: France Says Iran Must Budge On Centrifuges For Talks To Succeed
  Video: Iran's Reactor Fuel Demand Emerges As Sticking Point In Nuclear Talks
  Video: Feds to detail plans for sealing WIPP
  Video: Russia May Build Eight Nuclear Reactors For Iran
  Video: Japan Court Rules Against Nuclear Restart In Rare Win For Activists
  Video: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Thoughts On Nuclear
  Video: Kennedy Vows U.S. Help To Japan For Fukushima Nuclear Clean-up
  Video: Kitty litter may be to blame for WIPP radiation leak
  Video: WIPP investigators find melted plastic, rubber
  Video: Exelon Pins Nuclear Hopes On Small Modular Reactors
  Video: Local Nuclear Company Expands
  Video: Taiwan Police Clash With Anti-nuclear Protesters
  Video: Nuclear power plant given extension in making safety upgrade
  Video: Niger Could Sign New Deal With Areva Within Days: Mines Minister
  EDF and China Datang Corporation to build and operate a 2,000 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant in China
  Video: WIPP makes changes to emergency procedures